Robotic Surgery (DaVinci)

Advances in surgical technology have produced a relatively new tool for accomplishing laparoscopic surgery using the daVinci ® Surgical System to perform laparoscopic procedures “robotically”.

Robotic surgery involves inserting computerized surgical instruments and a camera through the laparoscopic ports. These instruments are attached to robotic arms that are controlled by the surgeon who is seated at a console in one corner of the operating room.

Robotic surgery utilizes computerized surgical instruments which provides the surgeon a far greater degree of flexibility and precision than the standard hand-held laparoscopic instruments. Similar to standard laparoscopic/minimally invasive surgery, Robotic surgery uses small incisions, however with Robotic surgery the incisions are even smaller, allowing for quicker recovery. daVinci ® studies have shown that Robotic surgery reduces blood loss, and shortens length of hospital stay. Candidates for Robotic Surgery Most patients who are candidates for laparoscopic surgery are candidates for Robotic surgery: Patients suffering from diverticular disease, colon polyps, colon cancer, Crohn’s disease and some with ulcerative colitis. Additionally, some patients with severe constipation who need a colectomy can have this done Robotically.