I accompanied my wife Dori, during all initial, pre, and post op consults giving me an opportunity to observe and comment on this exceptional surgeon. Dori met Dr. Khalifeh after being admitted to the hospital following an emergency room visit for intense stomach pain. She was terrified not knowing the cause of the stomach pain and related issues. I was amazed at how quickly Dr. Khalifeh reduced my wife’s fear and anxiety by her ability to express medical concerns in layman’s terms-but only after patiently listening to her questions. Throughout every stage of treatment and follow up care our respect for this skilled surgeon and caring person has increased immensely.

Dori D., after recovering from a laparoscopic right colectomy due to colon cancer

Dr. Plerhoples is an exceptional surgeon. He performed my surgery using the DaVinci robot which I was apprehensive about initially; the ease of recovery and lack of post surgical pain was quite remarkable. I know others who had a similar surgery and it took weeks-months to recuperate. At 3 week’s post surgery, life is totally back to normal! Not only is Dr. Plerhoples a skilled surgeon, he is caring, easy to discuss issues with, and has never rushed through a conversation-he is a true patient advocate. I couldn’t have had a better experience. Thank you very much Dr. Plerhoples.

Barbara P., after recovering from a robotic right colectomy due to colitis

Dr. Plerhoples did a fantastic job resolving my medical issues…very professional with a personal touch.

Steve B., after recovering from internal hemorrhoids

I don’t know how to start to thank Dr. Otchy. He saved my life. He encouraged me all along, gave me lots of hope and made life with an ostomy bag easier for me. He is very caring and has a great bedside manner too. Both times I spent in the hospital I had a great experience with him and his team. Dr. Otchy is in my prayers every day and I am thankful to you all.

Akram I., after recovering from an open colostomy closure

I was in the Herndon/Reston area for a couple of weeks for work in April of this year. I developed a condition where I needed to get looked at right away. I Googled colorectal doctors in the area as I had no idea about the practicing physicians in the area. I came across Fairfax Colon & Rectal Surgery. From their website they seemed like a legit practice and I decided to give them a buzz. Since my request was urgent, they accommodated me quickly.

Upon arrival at their facility in Reston I was able to check-in pretty easily and quickly. The nurse asked me some questions and Dr. Plerhoples came in pretty quickly. Dr. Plerhoples examined me and diagnosed the issue. He recommended that he could perform a minor procedure right there. With my consent, he and the nurse assisting him performed the procedure. Without getting into the details of the procedure, it was quick, painful for sure, but necessary. After the procedure, he explained to me the issue and what I could expect over the next 48 hours. Dr. Plerhoples explained everything in detail which put me at ease. As he had mentioned, after 48 hours after the procedure I started feeling much better. Thank you Dr. Plerhoples. I was glad that I was able to find Fairfax Colon & Rectal Surgery while away from home and was able to take care of my issue.

Anonymous, after recovering from a perianal abscess

Visiting FXCRS was a wonderful experience; Dr. Plerhoples in the Loudoun Office is a highly skilled physician. As a pregnant woman, visiting the practice was personally, a daunting undertaking, and I’m so happy I decided to schedule an appointment. Dr. Plerhoples took time to answer all my questions and concerns, with sensitivity and detail. Highly recommend scheduling a visit to the team at Fairfax Colon & Rectal Surgery in Loudoun, from the front desk and all the support staff…absolutely top notch!

Kristin T. after recovering from thrombosed hemorrhoids

Dr. Sanchez was so easy to talk to and very professional. When I went to her, I was sure that my condition could not be treated easily because I had tried ever over the counter product on the market. I put off going to a specialist far too long because I was sure I needed surgery or something worse. Dr. Sanchez helped me to understand what I was suffering from and gave me a solution to try. Within a few days I was better! I continue to feel just fine. She just taught me how my body works and solved my problem with the easiest solution you could imagine. That was invaluable. So don’t waste another minute worrying and just go make an appointment with her now.

Roxanne D. after recovering from anal itching

Dr. Plerhoples solved my rectal problem in just one visit, without any surgery.

Mike L. after recovering from anal skin tags

Dr. Otchy was amazing. Your clinic is amazing. Happy to say this online.

Judith C. after recovering from rectopexy and sigmodectomy for rectal prolapse

Everyone desires to seek out and find the most medically competent doctor to fix what ails them, that’s why Washingtonian’s “Best Doctors” issue is its most popular. What you find with Dr. Sanchez is that not only is she a well gifted surgeon, she is benevolent and good humored. A surgeon that has the characteristics of your best friend!

I will also say that calling the office is pleasant, not torturous like many offices in the metro area; you get a person (even a nurse) and they sound like they like their job. Refreshing.

Amber D. after recovering from robotic sigmoid colectomy for diverticulitis

Dr. Matzie was amazing! Thank you so much for such great care and excellent professionalism.

Steve E. after recovering from an ileostomy closure due to diverticulitis

After months of discomfort, Dr. Stern was able to relieve my symptoms completely in two very short office visits. Wish I had gone to him sooner.

William L. to Dr. Stern after recovering from hemorrhoids

I’m sitting here 5 weeks post-op and healing wonderfully from my colon resection: I am very thankful I found Dr. Khalifeh and that I appreciate all the patience, compassion and admirable talent in what she does! It was a scary time for me and it was very comforting to know that I had full trust in my surgeon from the get go. I never felt rushed, and always had peace of mind. Every question I had was answered clearly for me to understand. I called the office a week after my surgery to leave a message in hopes that she could get back to me soon about a concern, and voila, I was put on the phone with her.

I also wanted to commend the nurses and administrative staff who were efficient and very friendly. I mentioned to a couple of the nurses how nice and great Dr. Khalifeh was and they were in total agreement; yet another confirmation. I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Khalifeh to all. Thanks again Dr. Khalifeh! You are a great role model as to what other doctors should strive to be.


Mary F. to Dr. Khalifeh after recovering from a colon resection for diverticulitis

“Thank you for the dedicated health care you provided our elderly mother.”

Dick O. to Dr Stern after caring for his mom with anal cancer

“Believe it or not, life is totally different for the better now that you treated me for my problem.”

Peter L. to Dr. Dougherty after treatment for puritis ani

“I am doing terrific! Everything is working spectacularly. I feel so much better and can say I am glad I did it.”

Tammy to Dr. Dougherty after recovering from a laparoscopic colectomy for chronic colonic inertia

“You have our deepest gratitude forever – through you God has given me life.”

Elinita to Dr. Otchy after undergoing a laparoscopic colectomy for cancer

“Thank you Dr. Otchy, for saving my Daddy. I’m so happy to have him home safe.”

Alicia W. age 10, after her father's surgery for colon cancer

“Thank you so much for all that you have done for me. My surgical wound is completely healed. I’m feeling exceptionally well. I truly believe that I could not have had a better surgeon.”

Michael G. to Dr. Otchy after having laparoscopic sigmoid colon resection for chronic diverticulitis

“Thanks so much for your care and expertise with my father’s surgery. I also appreciate your communication with me during this time.”

Holly S. to Dr. Dougherty after her father’s colon cancer surgery

“Thank you to your team of doctors and nurses for making my surgery comfortable and smooth. I was extremely nervous, but your team provided such great care that they put me at ease. Thanks a million Dr. Dougherty.”

Lily B. after undergoing a fistulotomy at the Surgery Center

“February 3rd will be four years since my surgery – and I feel GREAT! My wife is pregnant with our 1st child in March. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Adam Z. to Dr. Otchy after undergoing colectomy and J-pouch for ulcerative colitis

“I want to commend your staff for making a “yucky” procedure quite nice! Starting with the appointment and scheduling employees, the nurses and other medical staff were all friendly, professional and extremely efficient. It goes without saying, you are indeed a “gem”, and I am grateful for having been referred to you.”

Renee Y. to Dr. Colvin after her colonoscopy

“Thank you for being so patient and writing down some of the information concerning my daughter’s cancer surgery. Your choice to do the surgery laparoscopically was a sensitive one on your part for my daughter’s future.”

Lucia B. to Dr. Stern after her 15 year old daughter’s colon cancer surgery

“Thank you for your skills and kindness to me before, during and after my surgeries. You will forever be my hero.”

Barbara J. to Dr. Stern after completing treatment for rectal cancer

“I put off having this surgery for a long time but I feel very blessed because you are such a great doctor. You told me everything would be fine and you were so positive about it and you were right. It was all worth it.”

Dianne B. to Dr. Otchy after her surgery for diverticulitis


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